Steam Mops: For Easy And Effective Cleaning


Cleaning your home is possibly one of the most detested household chores – and unavoidable. Any method to make this arduous task easier becomes an instant hit with householders. Steam mops have gained popularity for this reason. They make the job of getting stubborn stains and grime off your surfaces an effortless activity. The only trouble here is the sheer variety of steam mops available in the market that can confuse an uninformed buyer who is trying to Clean Smarter.

Paying attention to these top mop tips prepared after consulting home appliances experts at would be helpful in finding the mop that is best-suited for your home.
When you go out to shop for a mop, there are many factors to be kept in mind. The vast array of features and accessories that make each mop look better than the other can put you in a dilemma.

Do Some Homework
You may have researched online to figure out the steam mop that you want for your home. But, when you hit the stores you may be disappointed to find that they don’t stock that brand or model. A lot of stores have just one or two brands in stock with them. So, checking out which retailer in your area carries the mop you want to buy will make the shopping a less frustrating experience.

2-In-1 Mops
Many mops can multi-task. It is always preferable to sweep or vacuum your floor to remove the debris before you steam clean it. Most sweep-and-steam mops do a reasonably good job of cleaning. It is recommended to do these tasks separately for better results though some dual tasking mops do both simultaneously.

Adjustable Steam Output
Stains can vary in their stubbornness. Most steam mops know this little fact only too well and allow adjusting the steam settings to suit the particular floor type and the kind of stain. Whichever floor you have, checking with the floor manufacturer about the best way to clean it would be a good idea.

Long Cords For Convenience
Longer the cord, more the area that can be covered without unplugging the mop. It would be easier to clean several rooms in one go with a longer cord. This, in turn, would save time for you as well.

Features For Better Cleaning
Models that can fold or swivel to facilitate easier cleaning around furniture and inaccessible corners would make a great buy. Also, stock up on extra cleaning cloth pads – especially ones made of microfiber to ensure scratch free cleaning – to use when one cloth is in the wash or got dirty.

Landing Pads For Safety
You can protect your floor by placing the hot mop on a landing pad to ensure that the floor is not damaged by your keeping it for a prolonged time directly on the floor. A landing pad gives a place for the mop to heat up and to cool down.

The steam mop might just turn out to be the magic wand you had been looking for all this while!