Tips To Choose Comfortable Shoes For Your Baby


Your baby’s first tentative steps are sure to bring joy and pride to you. Watching them take one wobbly step after another will probably make you reach out for that camcorder to record each moment of this milestone. But, don’t be in a hurry to push those little feet inside a pair of shoes. They will learn to coordinate and balance better by walking barefoot. That said, you would still need shoes when you step out of your home. Read this baby walking shoes guide before you go shopping for the little feet.

This little list has all the important details to remember when you buy the first shoe for your kid with tips from Using hard-soled supportive shoes can, in fact, be detrimental to your child’s mobility.

Find Out The Right Size
It is always a good idea to buy the first shoes from an actual store after getting your baby’s foot measured by a trained person. Remember to make the kid wear socks while taking the measurement and ensure those cute toes are not curled up while measuring. Pay attention to the width of your angel’s foot as well. It is recommended that shoes should always be purchased later during the day as the feet would have swelled to its full size by then.

Check The Fit
A shoe that fits well will have enough wiggling space for the big toe and will not pinch the baby’s foot on the heel or sides. A toddler’s feet grow pretty fast. So, keep checking the fit every other month. One way to check it is to grab some material – if the shoe is made of soft material – on the top of the foot when the child is wearing it. If you can’t, then it’s time to get a new one. Also avoid buying bigger sizes for the growing feet. This would make walking more difficult for the kid, prolonging the time taken to master this skill.

Look At The Flexibility Of The Sole
The infant shoe soles should ideally be flexible with a good grip. Lightweight shoes made of soft leather or mesh material with rubber soles having ridges would be perfect. Be sure that the feet can breathe through the shoe material. Stiff leather and synthetic materials are best avoided.

Avoid Hand-Me-Down Shoes
Shoes used by one kid usually gets worn out enough to be thrown into the trash – especially the cheaper ones. They have short lifespans and tend to fall apart soon. Some high-quality shoes may last a little longer to be handed down to your second kid; most don’t.

Choose Lace Shoes Or Velcro
Velcro fasteners would be ideal for your little champion as they are easy to put on and take off. The only trouble is that your kid may figure out how to remove the shoes and do it when you don’t want them to. If the shoes are with lace, make sure it is long enough to tie into a double-knot so that it stays tied for a longer while.

Get an adorable shoe for your munchkin and enjoy the cuteness overload!